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Pep Duran

Without Past there is no Present

A great correspondence is clear between artist Pep Duran’s work and the relaunched Optical Metalcraft sunglasses brand.
Pep Duran’s work  is based by the use of old, found materials with a past. Materials that still maintain great stories and lives. Those materials are somehow manipulated to avoid the simple tribute and are transformed to obtain a new meaning, shape and existence into art.

After inviting the artist to create a sculpture we used for the still life photo series, we shot him an intimate portrait at his studio, explaining his work process, craftsmanship and values, so close to how we are approaching things at Opticalmetalcraft.

Opticalmetalcraft is a sunglasses brand first established in 1946. We relaunched it in 2017 keeping the heritage and essence but taking it to a new, contemporary state

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